Istobal Commercial and Truck Washes

Below are promo and demonstration videos of just some of the commercial ranges imported, installed and serviced by Wash Design.  Please contact us more more info.



Istobal PJ



A range designed for tractor cabins, trailers, temperature controlled trucks with canvass covers, buses, special vehicles and vans. Throughput is 6 to 10 vehicles/hour and the height limit 5,0 m. The vertical brushes overlap on the front and back of the vehicle, guaranteeing a quality wash.
In addition, there are various programmes specially developed for specific areas, such as the wide-angle rear view mirrors typical on this type of vehicle.

Istobal PX



A quick system for washing fleets.
Top performance, can wash a 12-metre vehicle in less than 2 minutes, (with ocerlapping brush wash on the front and back).
A drive-thru wash system, thus completing the range of Istobal products for washing large fleets. The working principle is a static machine occupying a very small space, (from 4 metres long) and which does not nees rails. It can wash vehicles regardless of length.
An easy and clear positioning system and communication with the driver via traffic lights, means the clean on the front and back is more effective since these operations are carried out with the vehicle stopped.

Istobal PL



A high performance range developed exclusively for large fleets of buses. Capable of really surprising times - up to 1 bus per minute - due to the sheer size of the machine and the fact that it is fixed in place, with the vehicle itself moving through it.


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