Carwash Services

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Wash Station Equipment:

  • Wand washing (hard wired or stand alone) 
  • Vacuum equipment
  • Matt washing
  • Dog washing

Automatic Car Washing:

  • Brush auto rollovers
  • Brushless auto rollovers (overhead and floor mounted)
  • Brushless drive through
  • Brush tunnel wash
  • Brush drive through

Automatic Truck Washing:

  • Brush rollovers
  • Brushless drive through
  • Brush drive through


  • Reconditioning of brush carwash auto rollover and drive through 
  • Reconditioning of brush truck wash rollovers

Carwash brands:

Wash Design are registered carwash importers and have experience installing and servicing the following vehicle wash machines and equipment:

  • Ceccato, Pegasus, Antaries
  • Ryko
  • Washworld, brushless carwash
  • Isobel, M8, M10, M12, 4 brush drive through truck wash
  • MK7, brushless carwash
  • PDQ, brushless carwash
  • Bellanger Tunnel, brushless carwash
  • Ginsan, wash station equipment
  • Colmans, wash station equipment,
  • Karcher, carwash, truck wash, wand wash
  • Wesimatt, Drive through truck wash 
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