Car Dealers

This system has been designed specifically for the dealer market and allows for easy operation, once the system has been turned on in the morning all it takes is the squeeze on the trigger of either the foaming brush, low pressure foaming gun or the high pressure water to activate the pump and once the trigger has been released the equipment will automatically shut down.



 Dual overhead stainless steel 360
degree boom

  Three bay pump station set


 In bay vacuum system
  Wall mounted stainless steel gun holder


Optional Extra equipment:

  • Foaming Brush System
  • 1x Stainless Steel wall mount system 
  • 1x 180 degree wall boom, hose and foaming brush 
  • 1x Mixing tank, proportioning valve, pump, solenoids, fittings
  • Waxing system
  • Engine degreaser, tyre cleaner


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